Copy and Paste are now integrated in the 3.0 firmware but this article will be left here for reference purposes.

But there is one down side, you can't copy text that you can't write in. For example, you can copy a URL of a website. But you can't copy the text that someone else wrote on the page. Clippy no longer restricts you to copy your text only. Now you can copy any link text that you see on the web.

Clippy, which can be downloaded from Cydia, is from the iSpazio repository. Clippy is the first to have proof of concept that system wide copy and paste is possible. Clippy allows you to copy anywhere where you can type like Safari text boxes, Notes, E-mail, Safari Address Bar and more. It also allows for copy of link text directly from Safari.

To copy and paste editable text, just hold your finger over some text until a magnifying glass appears. NOTE You must first be in Keyboard Mode to get the magnifying glass to come up.

Then drag to highlight your text. To copy the text, press and hold the @123 button on your keyboard. A menu will pop up, you can then choose to Copy, Paste, or Stack.

Now go to where you want to paste the content. Push and hold the @123 button and push paste this time.

To copy link text, just hold your find over a link and the pop up menu will appear.

You can then choose to copy or paste.

Hopefully this application will lead to further development into Copy and Paste for system wide integration.


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