Asphalt 4, developed by Gameloft, is arguably the most classic game to come to iPod touch. graphics smoother than butter and high bragging rights, you can't go wrong by adding this to your collection.

Asphalt 4 comes with 28 full vehicles, including motorcycles, that can be unlocked by winning races. It also comes complete with 12 cities and 5 racing modes. Take out other racers and police cars to earn bonus points. Even after playing this game for 2 days, we weren't even half way done!

Although this bad boy doesn't come without a price. Topping out at 87.6MB, this is a heavy-weight champion. Even though it has a massive size, every kilobyte is worth it.

This game features some extras that aren't available in the competition. For one, Asphalt 4 comes complete with a full police team. Including helicopters and squad squad cars. This was something we weren't expecting when we first bought this. Also, Asphalt 4 comes with the ability to 'takedown' other racers. By diving up against them and turning full towards them, they will flip out and be knocked out of the race.

Asphalt 4 also comes with the ability to customize your vehicle any way you want it. From the transmission to suspension kits. You can trick out your car to your personality.

Another feature that separates Asphalt 4 from the competition is the ability to switch camera views. Choose from he race from four different camera angels. Fit it to your specifications and race your way.

Different maps will challenge your driving skills to their fullest. Maps with snow can cause your car to skid and slide.

There are three different orientations in which you can steer your vehicle.

  • Accelerometer-Use the accelerometer to tilt your iPod left and right go guide your vehicle in that direction.
  • Touch- Touch either the left or the right side of the screen to go in that direction. Tapping more to the right will turn the car to the right and tapping to the left will turn the car left..
  • Steering Wheel-Use the on-screen steering wheel to turn your vehicle.
Steering with any of the options does take awhile to master. After you do, the game becomes a lot more interactive.

There is also a wi-fi mode that can be setup. This allows you to race against someone else who is on the same wi-fi network as you are. It can get really fun once you get many players. We experienced no lag when we played over wi-fi.

Overall, this a fantastic title for the iPod Touch. It contains a lot of good work that isn't seen in newer apps of its kind. The length will keep you occupied for a long time and the quality will have you coming back for more.


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