Is this not the right jailbreak for you? Find the one made for your device and firmware by clicking here.

We recommend you upgrade to firmware 2.2.1 before jailbreaking, but this works with all 2.0+ firmwares. This guide is for iPod Touch 1st Gen users. If you are on iPhone or iPhone 3G, replace the bolded text below with either iPhone or iPhone 3G.

Download and Installation:

1. Download QuickPWN:



Be sure to read the Readme.txt in the QuickPwn folder.

You will also need to locate your .ipsw file. This file has to be the same as the firmware you have on your iPod. Go to Settings, General, About, and scroll down to Version. If it reads 2.2(5G77), then you have to find the .ipsw file in your computer that is iPod (2.2/5G77).

If you can not find your .ipsw file, you can download a new one here.

2. Unzip and open QuickPWN. You may need to install WinRAR to unzip the files.

3. Click Browse. Find your firmware bundle (.ipsw) that you had earlier.

4. Plug in your iPod.

5. Keep Cydia and Installer checked but if you don't want the pineapple when you start up instead of the silver apple, don't check the Change Boot Logo option.

6. Click Go, and follow the on-screen steps.
Many people get stuck at this step because they are not really holding down the home button, even if they think they are. Please be very sure that you are holding it down for the entire time it tells you to.

7. Once your iPod reboots, it will be jailbroken and ready for 3rd party modifications.

Important. Please go here and scroll down to the bolded text in the center of the page. Follow the instructions. Although your device is now jailbroken, the partition that Cydia and Installer download to is very small. You will need to open up the partition so you can install packages.


Anonymous said... @ April 11, 2009 at 3:50 PM

thanx alot man u r the best

Deadfire55 said... @ May 3, 2009 at 9:15 AM

no problem

Anonymous said... @ May 14, 2009 at 4:51 PM


i need help!!! when i finish hold the home button, an alert box appears on itunes and says

(And ipod has been detected, but it could not be identified properly. please disconnect and reconnect the ipod, then try again. an unknown error occurred (2001).

and after that the QUICK PWN window appears loading but the bar dosen't load.... and says quick pwn is about to run in a ipod touch, but anything happens!!

Anonymous said... @ March 4, 2012 at 11:17 AM

what does it mean to jailbreak an ipod?

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